As the aegis protected Zeus and Athena in ancient Greece, Aegis Security Solutions LLC provides security and protection for one of your most precious business commodities:  Information

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Information Security is more than just protecting data.  At Aegis Security Solutions LLC, we provide you the tools necessary to ensure your information is safe and ready when you need it.

With more than 50 combined years in all facets of Information Security (including all ten ISSC domains), Aegis Security Solutions LLC provides the full range of Information Security services:

- Administrative and Operational Security

- Infrastructure and Network Security Planning and implementation

- Physical and Environmental Security

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GNM Hough, Inc. provides full-service physical security and safety services throughout the state of Florida.  Based in South Florida, GNM Hough is also a Certified General Contractor and provides commercial and residential remodeling services in addition to world-class physical security installation and monitoring.